MSNBC’s Mitchell on Buttigieg: Is It Possible that a Married Gay White Man Is Less Threatening to Some of the Voters than a Woman of Color?

‘There are a number of women who have not been getting very much traction’


MITCHELL: " Speaking of other candidates in the race, there are a number of women who have not been getting very much traction, have been overlooked shall we say, Klobuchar, Gillibrand, even Kamala Harris with her very big rollout has not been getting as much attention at Pete Buttigieg. Is it possible that a married gay white man from South Bend, Indiana is less threatening to some of the voters than a woman or a woman of color?"
ATKINS: "I think that is one thing that some Democrats are believing. I had Democratic operatives say to me they are not sure, they're worried about a woman getting nominated and how that would be going against Donald Trump at the end of the day."

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