MSNBC’s Mitchell: DoJ Releasing Mueller Report ‘Just Before the Holiest Weekend’ So It Gets ‘Least Amount of Attention’

‘— The day before Good Friday, obviously’


MITCHELL: "And Shannon Pettypiece there and the politics of all of this, the timing of all of this, we had thought that it could be as early as today if not tomorrow. Now we’re hearing it is going to be Thursday. Thursday is end of Holy Week, it's the day before Good Friday, obviously. A lot of people are on spring break. Congress is on recess. They are putting this -- this release as late as possible before Easter weekend when they might get the least amount of attention."
PETTYPIECE: "There was an expectation that the president would be traveling to Mar-a-Lago where he typically spends the Easter holiday, and Good Friday is a government holiday. So, I mean, I know there have been many times we have gotten a sense that this is coming, this is coming and --  I mean, pretty much the entire process, everything happens later than we expected. So slipping from Tuesday to Thursday almost just kind of seems to fit a pattern where things don't happen as planned.”

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