Lindsey Graham: All the Rules Have Been Changed to Get Trump; Now They’re Trying to Destroy Bill Barr

‘They’re attacking Bill Barr now one of the most seasoned, highly-respected legal minds in the United States’


BARTIROMO: "I think this is a really important point you're making, it feels like a Kavanaugh moment, senator, where the Democrats and the media just threw out all of what we deem is so valuable and important as Americans in a free democracy, that is due process, innocent until proven guilty. Here we go again, as they try to rip down Attorney General Bill Barr."
GRAHAM: "Well you know they accuse Trump of changing all the rules in Washington. I would suggest that all the rules have been changed to get Trump. Kavanaugh's nominee was not presumed innocent because he was a conservative. The way they treated Brett Kavanaugh was to try to destroy his life and drive him out of wanting the job, hoping he would quit. They're attacking Bill Barr now one of the most seasoned, highly-respected legal minds in the United States. Nothing has changed about Bill Barr since he was attorney general under Bush 41. The only thing that's changed is the desire to get Trump, no matter how you have to get him. So if you need to destroy Barr they will, and if you need to destroy Kavanaugh they will, if you need to make up stories to get a warrant they will, if you need to open up a counterintelligence investigation based on bogus information to try to get into the Trump campaign to find out what he's up to --"

(h/t RealClearPolitics)

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