Tom Perez: GOP Fixation on Omar’s 9/11 Comment Is a ‘Distraction’

‘We have 571 days until the most important election of our lifetime’


PEREZ: "Well, you know, Chris, we have 571 days until the most important election of our lifetime. We have healthcare on the ballot. We've got good wages on the ballot. We've got - our democracy is on the ballot. And what Donald Trump wants to do in the 571 days between now and the election is distract people. He doesn't want to talk about healthcare because he doesn't have a plan other than to take away people's healthcare. He doesn't want to talk about the issues that matter most in communities across this country. The distraction of 2018 was caravans because they didn't want to talk about healthcare. And what voters want to know, Chris, and - and this is what we're getting at, at the Democratic Party, what voters want to know going into this cycle is who has my back, who can I trust to keep their promises? And that is why Donald Trump wants to talk about these issues right now, because he is hoping that for the next 570 days, we talk about one or two Members of Congress. He doesn't want us to talk about the fact that Democrats believe that healthcare is a right for all, and we're going to keep our promise, and have your back, whereas he has a knife in your back."

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