Sen. Cory Booker: ‘Justice for All’ Vision Includes ‘A Living Wage for Everyone,’ and ‘Affordable College’

‘We should have affordable college’


BOOKER: “Economic justice includes a living wage for everyone. There is a tax on the right to organize unions for the country. It’s about having pathways to success and that includes college but it also has to include the apprenticeship --" [crosstalk]
HARLOW: "What is a living wage in your mind? What’s the number?"
BOOKER: "The number is $15 minimum wage would be a start for that. But again, If you have a family of four, you need to think your job is -- I seeing things in my neighborhood where people work full-time jobs, part-time jobs, catch after-shifts and still have to use public housing or subsidized housing. It’s about having jobs with dignity whee you can retire with security, you can have  access to health care, and you can have a living wage."

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