Joe Scarborough: As a Mirror Image of Trump, Mayor Pete Has Nothing to Lose

Mika: ‘And he’s got the smarts, that’s for sure’


SCARBOROUGH: "Again, as the mirror image of Donald Trump in so many ways, Adrienne just said it, Mayor Pete has nothing to lose. Who does that sound look? It sounds an awful lot like Donald Trump four years ago when he was taking a lot of bold positions, I would say reckless and irresponsible positions, but still he felt like he had nothing to lose and you could see it on the campaign trail every day. You sense that again with Mayor Pete, who again will get out there, go on interviews, take interviews. He’s not afraid. He's bold, he's audacious, and he’s not afraid for Americans to see who he is."
BRZEZINSKI: "And he’s got the smarts, that's for sure."

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