Chris Wallace to Sen. Cardin: Why Not Make Niche Changes to Immigration Bill to Deal with Explosion of Asylum Seekers?

‘We have to deal about the reasons why migrants are migrants in the first place’


WALLACE: “We know comprehensive immigration reform, just as practical matter is going to go nowhere between now and 2020, why not specific niche changes, if you will, to deal with this explosion of people seeking asylum?”
CARDIN: “Chris, I’m going to disagree with you. If the president would support comprehensive immigration reform and work with Democrats and Republicans, we have the consensus to pass comprehensive immigration reform. The president doesn’t want that to happen. We have to take up issues, I hope that we can get things accomplished. What we need is comprehensive immigration reform. People talking to the border, we have to deal about the reasons why migrants are migrants in the first place and that is don’t cut off the aid to central America, let us work to reduce the flow out of countries.”

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