Busing Migrants to Sanctuary Cities Is the ‘Compassionate Thing To do’: Trumpster Katrina Pierson

‘He brought into the Democrats and they did not want to play ball’


PIERSON: "Well, you're absolutely right. If government had one function, it would be to protect the homeland. But you know, the reason why this is so hysterical and we are laughing here because these are the same people in the media who are declaring chaos because the President is making the necessary changes to one of his agencies that can implement his policy, but yet, there is no chaos on the border. Remember that manufactured outrage, and all of a sudden, we're back at a crisis. We had the President consistently want to fix the policies. He brought into the Democrats, Democrats didn't want to play ball. We got to the end of last year and the President was wanting to make some significant changes because of the first caravan that was on the way to our country. And the Democrats said oh no, there’s nothing going on, and just to get elected, they lied to the American public about the issue. The President wanted to shut the government down to get to the bottom of this issue and bring people to the table and guess what? They did nothing. And now we have tens of thousands of more people along the way so the President says okay, fine, we are going to send these asylum-seekers to the communities that say we want asylum-seekers and it is the compassionate thing to do to resettle these immigrants into communities that want to protect them and keep them safe." 

(Via RawStory)

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