Dem Rep Eric Swalwell Admits He Would Eliminate Private Insurance After CNN’s Tapper Calls Him Out

‘I support a bill that would give Medicare to all’


TAPPER: “You’re a co sponsor for Medicare for all in the house. It should be unlawful for a private health insurer to sell coverage that duplicates the benefits under this act. Are you supporting a bill that you don’t full letter agree.”

SWALWELL: “Well, I support a bill that would give Medicare to all. That’s the title of the bill. The part of the bill that I would strike. And this is part of negotiating and collaborating, would be to give a public option, the Medicare portion, but allow people to keep plans that they union members like to keep union plans. I think it’s very much in our DNA to have choice, and so I will support that, but the other part of my plan, Jake, is to invest in and find cures in our lifetime, I don’t want the debate to only be about coverage, one of the best things we do as Americans is to seek and find cures. Invest in genomics, targeted therapies and data sharing. We have legislation that would allow any child borne into poverty to have genomics. Already leading in Congress, but with challenges to go much bigger.”

(Via RNC Research)

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