Dana Perino Praises Trump Admin. for Finding a Way to Arrest Assange: This Is Theft

‘The Trump Administration should be like, look it up, we figured it out’


PERINO: “But I was right. It is very interesting. One of the things about the Obama Administration, they’re stymied. There were actual intelligence harms that were done, diplomatic harms that resulted from this. Then you have Bradley Manning’s transformation. Obama pardoned her at the end. Then these people take on these mythical — like they’re heros. One’s a hero and one’s a hero in, now. They couldn’t figure out how to charge him without being able to get journalistic protection. The Trump Administration should be like, look it up, we figured it out. Through additional investigation, maybe we’ll find this out, they were the ones to say this is not a first Amendment claim, this was a national security threat. They want all of our information to be open and free to everybody, except they howl about Internet companies and privacy.”

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