Fox News: Former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig Indicted

Gregory Craig, who was White House counsel under President Barack Obama, was indicted Thursday on charges of lying and hiding information related to his work for Ukraine


PERINO: "Fox News alert. Former White House counsel in the Obama Administration and Democratic lawyer Greg Craig indicted moments ago. He's charged with making false statements to the Justice Department. This stems from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Paul Manafort and his work on behalf of a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine. Before working for President Obama, he had been a senior legal adviser to President Bill Clinton. Let's bring in Andy McCarthy. We’re going to make him come back and help explain this to us. This is yet another one of these things where the Mueller investigation turns up another situation. And now Greg Craig, that's kind of a big deal, Andy." 
McCARTHY: "It is a big deal because of who he is, but it was kind of inevitable, I think, Dana. When Mueller prosecuted Alex van der Zwaan, who was a lawyer that Greg Craig worked with, in connection with work that Paul Manafort and his partner Rick Gates were doing at Ukraine, I think the clock was ticking on this.“

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