Obama: If Americans Voted, Immigration Reform Would’ve Passed

‘If you’re in the United States of America, we voted at 60%, 70%, it would transform our politics’

OBAMA: "In the last election, and I want to speak particularly to young people here, in the last election, a little over one-third of eligible voters voted. One-third. Two-thirds of the people who had the right to vote, because of the struggles of previous generations, had the right to vote, stayed home. I'm willing to bet that there are young people who have family members who are at risk of the existing immigration system who still didn't vote."
BALART: "Mixed status families. There are millions of them."
OBAMA: "Who still did not vote. And so my question, I think, to everybody, not just the immigrant community, but the country as a whole, why are you staying at home? Why are you not participating? There are war-torn countries, people full of poverty, who still voted 60%, 70%. If you're in the United States of America, we voted at 60%, 70%, it would transform our politics. Our Congress would be completely different. We would have already passed comprehensive immigration reform. It would have already been done."

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