Hirono: ‘When Barr Opens His Mouth Trump’s Words Come Popping Out’ Like Those Used in a Dictatorship

‘I’m sure that made Trump very happy’


[clip starts]
BARR: "Spying on a political campaign is a big deal. ... I think that spying did occur, yes, I think spying did occur."
[clip ends]
CAMEROTA: "He means spying on the Trump campaign by the FBI, by other law enforcement agencies. What did you think when you heard that?"
HIRONO: "What I thought about that is when Barr opens his mouth Trump’s words come popping out. So I’m sure that made Trump very happy because it totally played into the Trump narrative that this is all some kind of a plot to get him. And I also think it’s just so odd that Trump uses words that would be used in a dictatorship, you know, a coupe, this is a coupe attempt. No we don’t have coupes, we have things called elections, we have things called rule of law. I found it astounding that the attorney general would use a highly-charged word like 'spying.' You know, he sounded like the president to me."

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