Dem Rep. Kildee: It Really Doesn’t Matter What Trump Says About His Taxes Because ‘He Just Lies a Lot’

‘People care, they want to know if the president’s personal financial interests impact his public decision-making’

KILDEE: "Here’s the thing — two things. I also got elected, and so did Richie Neal, and we have a job to do and it’s not contingent on what Donald Trump first promised and now has not delivered on. He says he got elected without releasing his returns, but he said when he was running, 'I promise,' — essentially, this is a paraphrase — 'I will release my tax returns.' He hasn’t done that. And so my two reactions to that: one, it really doesn’t matter what he says because Donald Trump lies a lot. I mean, he just lies a lot —"
HUNT: "That is well-documented."
KILDEE: "Sure is."

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