Mika Tears Into Trump’s Family Separation Remarks: He’s ‘Lying Again to the American People’

‘This is Trump’s policy that was executed by Trump’s people’


BRZEZINSKI: "Immigration is so difficult, and obviously these policies have been devastating to families and to people who believe in what this country is about. But in that press availability with reporters, the president in the course of a minute blamed, untruthfully, Obama for the separations, for the cages. He lied to the American people. Then he said the separations work. Then he said he was the one who ended it so he could take credit for ending something that is terrible. But then he went back to saying they actually work. It was his administration, John Kelly, Kirstjen Nielsen, Jeff Sessions, they threatened people, saying your children will be taken away from you if you come to this country. This is Trump’s policy that was executed by Trump’s people. There is no question about that. He wants to lie again about Barack Obama, he can do that, but he is lying again to the American people.”

(via Mediate)


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