Max Boot: There Is No National Emergency in the Southern Border, It’s in Washington D.C.

‘I’m ready to declare a national emergency, not on the southern border, it’s in Washington, D.C’


BOOT: “It is, Don, I'm ready to declare a national emergency, not on the southern border, it's in Washington, D.C. With a president who is lawless and out of control. Donald Trump, in truth, is never all that much in control. But he seems to be being driven over the brink by the fact that you had 100,000 apprehensions on the southern border in March so he is flailing. He is purging the department of homeland security. He got rid of Kirstjen Nielsen who you thought was a loyal soldier, she did horrible things for him allocate separating families. It wasn't enough. He was willing to violate the dictates of humanity and relate, she was not willing to violate the law itself. That is what the president of the United States demands.”

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