Mark Cuban Blasts Net Neutrality Proposal: ‘The Net Has Worked’

‘If there’s no priority for television and it’s just part of the open internet and delivery, your traditional television, watching the evening news, it’s over’

Watch Mark Cuban’s Surgical Takedown of Net Neutrality — And Why He Says Everyone Should ‘Hack Themselves’ (The Blaze)

Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has stood firmly against net neutrality, and presented a surgical takedown of the proposal on The Glenn Beck Program Tuesday.

“What it comes down to is, the net has worked,” Cuban said. “We’re not in an industry where the technology has become stagnant and there’s no more enhancements so we need regulation to try to make things happen. We’re not there. And so as long as the technology is allowed to advance, we’re OK.”

Cuban said the uncertainty and legal challenges of having the government regulate the Internet will be enormous, and predicted that it will slow down innovation. He also said there are many unexpected issues that will arise from such an enormous change.

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