‘The View’ Gets Awkward After McCain, Behar Face off over Trump Immigration Policy

‘If people like Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham are dictating policy, why don’t you make Lou Dobbs the person in charge of this?’


MCCAIN: "It’s important to separate a lot of different things. I’m from a border state. Immigration is always ground zero for where these conversations are happening. President Obama's DHS Secretary Jay Johnson said we’re truly in a crisis. There were 4,000 apprehensions in a single day. I know that 1,000 overwhelms the system and I can’t imagine what 4,000 a day looks like. Last month alone we had 100,000 migrants that were apprehended at the southwestern border. That's the highest number in over a decade. So there is a crisis at the border. How to deal with it is where the conversation goes one way or the other. He ran meat and potatoes on the economy and immigration. As you said he's not fulfilled some of these promises that he's made. What I think is interesting is Lou Dobbs said, two weeks ago that he wanted Kirstjen Nielsen to be fired. He said, Kirstjen Nielsen is flailing and her department appears utterly paralyzed under ineffectual leadership. So, the question too is, if people like Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham are dictating policy, and who has the job in the White House and who doesn't, at this point, why don’t you just make Lou Dobbs the person in charge of this? And this is a person that seemed that you're listening to when it comes to this. That being said —"
BEHAR: "Well --"
MCCAIN: "-- just one more thing. This is a hard-line issue for people who live in border states, many friends of mine. This is the number one and only issue. And if we sit here and act like there isn’t a crisis, that it’s crazy people living in border states that think there’s a crisis, that’s a winning ticket for Trump in 2020."
BEHAR: "Like I said -- like I just said, this guy who is coming in wants help those countries. That's the way to solve the problem. Keep them happy, or whatever solve it. Give them a house. Give them food. Help them, help their children."
MCCAIN: "Give a Nicaraguan a house?"
BEHAR: "Stop the crime rates."
MCCAIN: "But we have a bunch of liberal --" [crosstalk]
BEHAR: "Hold on, I’ve listened to you let me just finish."
MCCAIN: "Yeah, the part of your job is to listen to me. (Laughter) Just saying."

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