Schiff on Trump’s Taxes: ‘This Is a President Who Has Resisted Any Oversight or Inquiry into His Affairs’

‘This is a president who has resisted any oversight or inquiry into his affairs’


SCHIFF: "First, the president marvelled chairman Neil wasn’t seeking ten years. I’ll leave that to chairman Neil on what year. I think it goes to the fact that the president appoints the head of the IRS or the lawyer of the IRS. The IRS is supposed to conduct an examination of the president’s returns. This is a president who has resisted any oversight or inquiry into his affairs. I think the chairman of ways an means has every right to determine is the IRS following policies and protocols. I’ll also say this, Jake, there’s no legal ground for them here. The statute says the IRS shall provide these returns to the Congress upon request. When the Republicans asked similarly for returns when they were running that committee including the returns of the Obama for America organization, he gave no explanation for how many years or what organizations. He asked, the IRS says you can have them because we shall provide them. I think that’s how it will end up here, too."

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