Dan Bongino to Libs: Show Us What You Really Believe In and Ask Biden To Step Aside If He Wins the Nomination

‘You won’t do that of course, because this is about political power’

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BONGINO: “Tucker, listen, we know the liberal rules are nonsense. Liberal rules are garbage. But if the liberal rules are and they are creed dough now is that women are to be believed, our rule is women are to be respected. Victims are to be heard, be investigated. But evidence is to be believed. In a due process society.”

CARLSON: “Exactly.”

BONGINO: “Liberal rule is women are to be believed no matter, what then Democrats, if he is your nominee, we’ll expect to you stand on your own principle. Show us what you really believe in and ask Joe Biden to step aside if he wins the nomination. You won’t do that of course, because this is about political power. This really has nothing to do with — “

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