MSNBC Guest: McConnell’s Compromise Bill ‘Unconstitutional’

‘Constitutionally, if McConnell passes a funding bill for DHS from the Senate, we don’t know if that is legal constitutionally because the bills are to other other — originate in the House’

REID: "Hogan Gidley is a Republican strategy and Jonathan Capehart is an opinion writer at the Washington Post and he's also a NBC contributor. And Hogan I'm asking you, because short of asking for a loan to keep the DHS open, will your party accept the Mitch McConnell compromise and do the two-track thing where they allow the Republicans to vote on what they wanted striped of the immigration funding and pass a clean DHS bill. Will they let that fly?" 
GIDLEY: "Here is the best answer I've got. I have no idea. The more people I talk to on the Hill today, they have no idea what is going on either. And Republicans have a problem here. Constitutionally, if McConnell passes a funding bill for DHS from the Senate, we don't even know if that is legal constitutionally because spending bills are supposed to originate in the House. And if it go does go back to the House, Tea Party Republicans are going to say we got re-elected or elected for the first time on getting rid of the amnesty. If you take this out of the bill, we have no leverage to argue with the president on anything else. So right now it is a stalemate and I have no idea where this is going to go. McConnell is known for being able to broker deals in the Senate and I don't know if this is the same Senate as it used to be."

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