Fox’s Tomi Lahren Shreds ‘Selfish’ Parents Who Won’t Vaccinate Their Kids: ‘What the Hell, People?’

‘Measles is no joke’


LAHREN: "Here's the deal. I'm all for parents being able to raise their kids the way they choose in most cases, but this anti-vaxxer trend is downright ludicrous. Hi, I am Tomi, I have some final thoughts. Like I said, I believe in freedom, I believe in choice, I believe in the power of parenting, but when measles, mumps, and other old-time diseases on the brink of extinction are able to make a comeback because some parents choose not to vaccinate their kids — I'm sorry, there is a problem. How is it in 2019, an entire county in New York must declare a state of emergency due to a measles outbreak? It's so bad, the county had to ban unvaccinated children, 6 months to 18 years old, from public spaces, unless they have a true medical exemption. What the hell, people? 157 cases reported since the end of last week just in Rockland county, a small Manhattan suburb. And why? Because some parents refuse to vaccinate their children.”

(Via RawStory)

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