Ben Cardin: ‘Absolutely’ I Support Nadler Demanding Comms Between AG and Mueller

‘So we have to draw our own conclusions’


BLITZER: "Let’s begin with our top story. Do you support the efforts by the House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler to access the communications between the Attorney General and Robert Mueller’s team?"

CARDIN: "Absolutely. I think it’s critically important that there be complete transparency on the Mueller report and efforts made by the Justice Department, with Mr. Mueller. So we have to draw our own conclusions. Not just the Congress, but the American people. There’s now different views as to how the Attorney General’s summary was handled and whether it’s a fair representation of the conclusions reached by the Mueller team. The way to solve this is for the public and the Congress to be able to review the source report and its supporting documents, and to get the correspondents between Mr. Mueller and the Attorney General."

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