NRA Host: Women Coming out Against Joe Biden Are Part of a Liberal Plot to ‘Take Your Guns Away’

‘Bloomberg presidency will first take away your guns’


STINCHFIELD: “The newfound exposing of Biden may have been orchestrated by the Bernie Sanders crew. Bernie will not benefit as much as Michael Bloomberg will. With Biden out, Bloomberg would come back in. For gun owners, that would be a disaster. The most anti-gun politician in America, a man willing to spend millions to destroy the Second Amendment, steal your rights. In an ultimate power grab, he could ultimately become president, and his destructive ways would not just stop with the Second Amendment. A Bloomberg presidency will first take away your guns, then take away your right to speak out. His anti-freedom government would go on a seek-and-destroy mission of anyone or anything associated with guns and conservatism. The NRA would be his first target. That means you, NRA members.” 

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