MSNBC Contributor Attacks GOP ‘Patriotism’: They’re ‘Undermining’ Security of Nation

‘I think that focus needs to fall directly on those people that are threatening to defund the DHS’

MSNBC Contributor Attacks GOP 'Patriotism': 'Undermining Security of Nation' (NewsBusters)

In a classic example of phony political jujitsu, an MSNBC contributor has tried to turn the patriotism issue back against Republicans. Appearing on today's Ed Show, Steve Clemons attacked the "patriotism" of GOP congressional leaders, accusing them of "undermining the security of the nation."

This because Republicans have attached amendments to the DHS funding bill denying funds for President Obama's executive amnesty.  Of course neither Clemons nor Schultz revealed that in a potential DHS "shutdown," all essential personnel, including those at TSA, Customs and Border, Secret Service, FEMA and Coast Guard, would continue to work.  Only non-essential personnel, mainly office workers, would be furloughed.

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