Gillibrand on Scrapping the Electoral College: ‘I Really Believe It Should Be One Person, One Vote’

‘There’s a lot of ways that big states and small states balance power’


GILLIBRAND: “No, and there’s a lot of ways that big states and small states balance power. In fact, every state has two senators. It doesn’t matter if they only have 600,000 or 20 million people like New York State. You have the same two senators. So you have a very significant influence in legislation, governing, and making sure that your state has full representation. But in terms of my presidential campaign, I intend to campaign everywhere: the rural areas, the suburban areas and the cities. I’ll go to the places that no one else bothers to. And that's what I've already done. I’ve been in the North Country in New Hampshire, in the rural areas of Iowa, I’ve been to Michigan already and Nevada already. I will continue to do that. Because the truth is, you are going to be president of the entire United States. You must represent everyone. But I do believe our Constitution is rooted in the notion that it’s one person/one vote. For the outcomes of our elections not to reflect actually the number of votes received by candidates, it seems really misplaced. So I think we need to look at the Electoral College and we need to reform it. I really believe it should be one person/one vote.”

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