Second Fairfax Accuser Meredith Watson Speaks Out on Alleged Rape: ‘A Huge Betrayal, He Was my Friend’

‘I don’t understand how you do that to somebody that you have been a friend to’


KING: "What happened?"
WATSON: "He forcibly sexually assaulted and raped me. I was not on the bed. Initially, there was a couch. He pulled me over. I tried several times to get up and was pushed back down, held down."
KING: "And you made it clear, 'This is not what I want?'"
WATSON: "It was very clear."
KING: "Because you know he is saying this night was consensual?"
WATSON: "If you have to hold someone down, it’s not consensual."
KING: "When it was over, was there a conversation? What did he say? What did you say? What did he do?"
WATSON: "There wasn’t a conversation. I just wanted to get to a safe space. I just left. It was humiliated, so I left. I told my two closest friends."
KING: "What did you tell your two closest friends?"
WATSON: "I believe I told them something really awful happened and I had been raped. I think I said that I was so humiliated I didn’t want to talk about it anymore."
KING: "Did you tell them Justin was the one who did that?"
WATSON: "I told them exactly who it was."
KING: "How do you process that after it happens to you?"
WATSON: "It was a huge betrayal. He was my friend. I don’t understand how you do that to somebody that you have been a friend to and who has confided in you about things. I don’t understand how you do that."

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