Kasie Hunt to Papadopoulos: Were You Aware You Were Helping a Foreign Gov’t Interfere in the Election?

‘I want to start with the initial conversation, where you were informed by a lawyer there was possibly dirt on Hillary Clinton’


HUNT: "I'd just like to start with the initial conversation that sparked the FBI investigation where you were informed by a Maltese lawyer there was possibly dirt on Hillary Clinton. Were you aware then that you were engaging in illegal activity or potentially helping a foreign government interfere in the election?"
PAPADOPOULOS: "That’s a great question. This Maltese man was falsely characterized by both Bob Mueller and the FBI as some sort of a Russian intermediary. He's been recently outed by his own lawyer as a Western intelligence operative who was actually probably operating under the guidance of the FBI when he was interacting with me, and that’s actually the foundation of my case and why I had to write my book 'Deep State Target' to really explain to the world what really happened in my story and I guess why my lawyers believe a pardon might be necessary."

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