At White House, Jindal Says Obama ‘Disqualified Himself as Commander-in-Chief’

‘I think the point the mayor was trying to make is important’

At White House, Jindal Says Obama ‘Disqualified Himself to Be Our Commander-in-Chief’ (National Review Online)

In another breach of “protocol” reminiscent of last year’s meeting, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal eschewed the traditionally nonpartisan nature of the White House’s National Governor’s Association meeting to claim President Obama “has disqualified himself” as commander-in-chief of America’s armed forces.

The Republican governor earned the ire of the mainstream press last year after criticizing the president’s economic policies “in the shadow of the West Wing.” But at a post-meeting press conference on Monday with his fellow governors, Jindal made it clear that no setting was off-limits for an examination of President Obama’s leadership.

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