‘Totally Absurd’: Giuliani Predicts ObamaCare Fiasco Will Get Even Worse

‘I thought it would be terrible ... but I actually think it will get worse when it rolls out’

KILMEADE: "Get your impression so far of the rollout. After yesterday's reveal, notes taken from the war room meeting after day one, there were six people across the country who were able to sign up."
GIULIANI: "Well, totally absurd. The rollout is much, much worse than I thought it would be. I thought it would be terrible, but I actually think this is going to get worse when it rolls out because when it rolls out, we're going find out that everybody's signing up for Medicaid and it's going to bankrupt the program. The whole theory of this is that a lot of healthy young people were going to buy insurance and they're going to fund, they're going to fund all that additional amount of money this was going to cost. Well, that's not going to happen.  In fact, more people are going to be taking government money. And this program is going to be an absolute total disaster, not to mention all the insurance policies cancelled, all the people whose freedom has been taken away about the doctor they can go to. This is only getting worse."
HASSELBECK: "Who is hurting more right now with the rollout because you have the President right now who needs 7 million people by March 1st to pay for this program and you have those who have been on individual plans that are no longer meeting the mandates that are now facing premiums or being dropped by their insurers."
GIULIANI: "They're the ones that are hurting because the President has health insurance. The President is sitting there with health insurance, meanwhile, he's messing around with a lot of other people who do not have health insurance, who are frightened, maybe they have two kids, maybe they have three kids, maybe they have an illness.  They're frightened that how am I going to get it? What am I going to do? The government tells me basically that my policy is gone."
DOOCY: "Yeah, so it's not going well and we're just exactly one month in."

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