Rep. Escobar: DHS Sec. Nielsen Should Resign for Executing Trump’s Cruel Policies

‘These policies by the Trump Administration that have been executed by Secretary Nielsen have made a challenging situation far more difficult’


ESCOBAR: “We have 1,200 asylum seekers who are being caged off. You've just shown the video. Half of those people are children. They are sleeping on the dirt. They are sleeping out in the open. This is absolutely inhumane and unacceptable. And it is up to the Department of Homeland Security to come up with a better solution. They are one of the best resourced agencies in all of the federal government. Tomorrow, I head home, I am convening a meeting with the local community, because as per usual, in the absence of leadership from the White House or the Secretary — by the way, right now on your show, I am calling for the Secretary to resign. Her incompetence is hurting the community, it's hurting this country."
VELSHI: "You are calling for Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to resign because of her incompetence?"
ESCOBAR: "Absolutely, absolutely. The community is having to come up with resources and solutions that she’s unwilling to or unable to come up with. That’s unacceptable, Ali."

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