Trump: Had Bill Barr Been Our Attorney General from the Start, None of This Would Have Happened

‘Our new attorney general, Bill Barr, is a great gentleman’


TRUMP: “President Trump: Well, people were hurt so badly, so badly. Their lives have been ruined. And over -- over something that should have never taken place, an investigation that should have never happened. There was no crime, as you know. You are only allowed to do this legally if there is a crime. There was no crime. They've all admitted it. Comey, who is a terrible guy, Comey and Mccabe and Strzok and page, the lover, Paige, and all these people, they've admitted an testimony that there was no crime. So they'd started an investigation based on no crime. I will say this, our new attorney general, bill Barr, is a great gentleman. I've heard about him for years. He's a great man. Had he been there initially, this all would not have happened because what has gone on there is just a disgrace to our country.”

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