Jesse Watters Warns Trump: ‘I Would Definitely Not Pivot to Health Care’ Right Now

‘I would basically plant the flag and say I was vindicated and move on to trade and international relations’


PERINO: "No, I haven’t talked to Juan yet, but Juan is shaking his head yes. One thing that somebody suggested, I thought it was kind of interesting, because we know the Russians were trying to interfere and then you have the Hillary team and they are working on the dossier, did the Russians plant some disinformation, right? And send them on a wild-goose chase. And then the cat ran away with a spoon. President Trump framed this on Saturday or Sunday evening, vindicated and exonerated. There is quibbling over the exonerated piece because of the obstruction but if it takes weeks to get the Mueller report out, President Trump has already won the messaging war. Vindicated and exonerated. To try to claw that back is going to be nearly impossible for the Democrats. And that's why I think that’s why you see leaders like Clyburn saying, meanwhile they want to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. Why don’t we focus on that because that’s how we won back the House in the first place?"

WATTERS: "Right. I definitely would not pivot to health care if I was the President. I would basically plant the flag and say I was vindicated and move on to trade and international relations."

(Via Mediaite)

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