Sen. Duckworth: Anyone Who Cares About Our National Security Must Do Whatever They Can to Combat Climate Change

‘Climate change is real’


DUCKWORTH: “Secretary Ray Mabus, the former Secretary of the Navy actually ran an entire naval training exercise where every vehicle operated on a bio-diesel, bio-fuel blend. And yet, they were stopped in their tracks from doing more. Look, tell me that it won't make it harder for our service members to do their job or get the training they did need to protect the people we love if we don't make these investments. I know that Donald Trump never dared to put on the uniform. Bone spurs didn't stop me from serving, so let me clear something up for him. He and the GOP should not keep claiming to care about our national security and our military if they keep ignoring the crises that are sapping its straight and putting Americans at risk. If they keep doing this, more Americans will have to go serve in places as a result of the effects of climate change. Drought, fight over natural resources, this is enough. I fought one war for foreign oil, let's not do that again. Our troops deserve better, American families deserve to know that their leaders are doing everything they can to keep their loved ones safe and their nation strong. And that's one reason why this work is incredibly important and why I'm so glad to join my colleagues here today to announce a special committee. And with that, I'm so pleased to introduce my colleague, senator Smith."

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