Martha MacCallum Clashes with Eric Swalwell Over Trump Collusion Claims: ‘Are You Serious?!’

‘To think there is anything at this point that you regret having said?’


SWALWELL: "Which part was not proved factual?"

MACCALLUM: "Are you serious?"

SWALWELL: "Yes, tell me. I am here."

MACCALLUM: "You think the dossier — Michael Cohen said he never went to Prague."

SWALWELL: "What part was proved not to be factual?"

MACCALLUM: "Well, there were basically a few main tenets of it, one of them was this salacious story about what happened in a hotel. None of that has proved to be factual, the meeting that Cohen supposedly took in Prague was also proved to not have happened. He testified that under oath in front of Congress."

(Via Mediaite)

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