Tiffany Cross: Narrative that Dems Should ‘Abandon the Impeachment’ Is a ‘Right Wing Talking Point’

‘It’s a right wing talking point that the media adopts’


SCIUTTO: "I get that. Listen, I get that argument. But these are lawmakers who’ve got to be re-elected. You also have more than a dozen candidates running for president in 2020, and they've noted that when they go out to town halls, et cetera, they are not even asked about the Russia investigation. I wonder if there is a silver lining here speaking in purely political terms for Democrats that they can now in effect abandon the impeachment question and focus on the legislative priorities that you talked about."
CROSS: "Why do they have to choose? I don’t buy into that narrative. It just feels like it’s a right-wing talking point that the media for some reason adopts."
SCIUTTO: "This is coming from Democrats, too. You heard Sunlen Serfaty up on the Hill say that Nancy Pelosi is talking about a focus on the agenda. It is not a media talking point. It is spoken openly about among the Democratic lawmakers."

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