CNN on Trump: ‘He Is Now Vindicated’

‘We obviously can’t jump the gun here’

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BORGER: "Thank you very much, Evan. He has been doing that for the last two years. Ever since James Comey almost two years to the day testified before Congress that the FBI had opened an investigation into potential Russian collusion. So if, as Jeffrey is saying, they get great news, the great news is, first of all, there’s no more indictments, but if suddenly the President has to say those angry Democrats who were working with Bob Mueller were actually just part of a Justice Department doing its job after he has criticized the Justice Department — "

PEREZ: "He's been vindicated by them, essentially."

BORGER: "And then he is now vindicated, exactly. How do you manage that politically? I mean, we obviously can’t jump the gun here. We have to see what comes out from Barr and what’s in the report. But if I’m at Mar-a-Lago with the President, as Pamela has been reporting the lawyers are — "

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