Fox News: McCabe, Page Texts Reveal They Mocked Trump, Blasted Gowdy

‘They reveal a mockery of President Trump, fears about the surveillance warrant’

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HERRIDGE: "Fox News obtained these text messages between then deputy director Andrew McCabe and FBI lawyer Lisa Page. They reveal a mockery of candidate Trump, fears about the surveillance warrant, and a nasty dig at former GOP congressman Trey Gowdy. Nine days before the FBI and DOJ secured a surveilance warrant for Trump campaign aide, Page, who worked directly for McCabe, said there was a problem at the Justice Department, and concern over a source. 'Office of Intelligence now has a robust explanation re any possible bias of the confidential human source, or chs, in the package. Don’t know what the holdup is now. This might take a high-level push. Will keep you posted.' Fox News is told the texts were connected to the ultimately successful surveillance warrant application for Carter Page, which relied heavily on the information from former British spy Christopher Steele you see there. His anti-Trump views are now well documented. McCabe and Page also shared derogatory blogs about then-candidate Trump, and they used the d-word to describe then-congressman Trey Gowdy who, along with chairman Chaffetz, led aggressive oversight hearings into the FBI and DOJ handling of the Clinton e-mails and Russia investigation. In television interviews or congressional testimony, Page and McCabe stressed political views did not affect their investigations, and that the cases were opened for legitimate reasons."

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