Joy Behar on the Conways Fighting over Trump: ‘Is There a Possibility They’re Getting off on This?’

‘I mean, is there something going on there?’


McCAIN: "Their kids really — I just — they have four children and what they are subjecting their children to, both of them doing this publicly, I’m telling you, obviously everybody knows at this point, as the daughter of a prominent person, there’s Google. These clips will last forever and they’re going to see their parents fighting over the Trump Administration."
BEHAR: "But is there a possibility they’re getting off on this? Let’s think about it for a second."
McCAIN: "What?"
BEHAR: "All that fighting and then at night she’s like, 'He has a narcissistic personality, yes, yes!' I mean, is there something going on there?"
HOSTIN: "Are they on the same page?"
BEHAR: "'No collusion!' I mean, I’m thinking maybe there’s something going on there. But I think that Matalin and the husband, they got together later on after they fight."

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