Lemire: Trump Will Use the Mueller Report as an Example of Government Overreach

‘And there’s a growing belief in Trump’s circle that there isn’t going to be some smoking gun here’


LEMIRE: "So let’s be clear. No one knows exactly what’s in the report. We anticipate it’s going to be soon, but its findings are not yet known to any of us. Also to be clear, this is not a witch hunt. As you just detailed, Joe, they’re the charges and indictments speak for themselves, but there is a growing sense from the President and people close to him, yes, of course, as you saw from those remarks yesterday, as frustrated as he is that this special counsel probe exists to begin with, that he feels like it’s a stain on his presidency, one he feels he does not deserve, there has been anticipation among a broad swath of Americans that the Mueller report would end with a dramatic image, something like the President being led from the Oval Office in handcuffs. That, of course, is not expected to actually happen. And there’s a growing belief in Trump’s circle that there isn’t going to be some smoking gun here. There isn’t going to be a bombshell — new bombshell development in the final report whenever it is issued and whenever it is released. So, therefore, he’s going to try to hold it up as an example of government overreach, try to say, 'Hey, look, I gave this to you for two years. I didn’t interfere. I didn’t fire him and it didn’t prove that I did it.'”

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