Krauthammer to GOP: ‘Abolish the Filibuster’ To Defund Obama’s Exec Amnesty

‘Abolish the filibuster and pass the budget for Homeland Security which leaves out any of the funding in immigration service for the unlawful Executive Amnesty’

KRAUTHAMMER: I would advocate to the GOP the thing that they’re looking at is a surrender on this, they’re going to get the blame if Homeland Security is shut down, even though it’ll largely operate nonetheless. So, if you’re going to get the blame, I think what they ought to do is abolish the filibuster and actually pass the budget for Homeland Security, which leaves out any of the funding in the immigration service for the unlawful, illegal executive amnesty of the president, and then send it on to the president. Remember, the Democrats are the ones who attacked the filibuster. They partially dismantled it, again, on a very party-line vote two years ago, and I think having begun the demolition, the Democrats have, the Republicans ought to finish it. Abolish the filibuster, take control of the Senate, pass the House bill, and send it on to the president

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