Chuck Todd: Trump Teamed Up with Bolsonaro Today To ‘Attack the Free Press’

‘He cheered the Brazilian president’s attacks on fake news’


TODD: "Good evening. I’m Chuck Todd, here in Washington with jokes that are meant for people over a certain age to get. Welcome to MTP Daily. We begin tonight with a presidential press conference that, frankly, left me a bit speechless, which is hard to do in an age when it feels like we have seen it all from this President. But what we watched this afternoon was an American president teamed up with a world leader to do the following. Attack the free press, attack his potential campaign opponents and attack social media companies with a hard-right conspiracy theory. Words matter, alliances matter, we've been through this before. But this afternoon was a display of how the President’s authoritarian, transactional impulses and attacks on democratic — small 'd' — norms are being, in a word, exported around the world, and how the U.S. has essentially ceded its moral authority, which begs the question. What are the consequences of a president whose foreign policy seems built on transactional relationships that benefit his interests more than America’s, and in some cases ideological, and in other cases financial?”

(Via Mediaite)

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