Cenk Uygur: Kellyanne Conway Is Warning People About Trump Through Her Husband

‘Mark my words … Kellyanne Conway will claim afterward “I was trying to send you guys signals”‘


UYGUR: “So here’s what Kellyanne Conway’s going to do. I’ve said this before, mark my words. Write this one down in stone."
KASPARIN: “No, J.R. but literally you should mark his words because he’s going to ask for this at some time in the future.” [crosstalk]
UYGUR: “When I’m proven right again --"
KASPARIN: "Told you."
UYGUR: "OK. And yes we’re gonna do it told you segment and you’ll see this on the told you segment, OK? Kellyanne Conway will claim afterwards, I was trying to send you guys signals. How much clearer did I need to be? Did you need my dog tweeting it, and did you need my aunt and uncle and grandparents tweeting it? It’s my husband. I went home and I told them the guy is the lunatic. Tell everybody. It’ll be obvious that it’s coming from me.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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