Noah Rothman: Getting Rid of Electoral College ‘Is a Pander Because It’s Not Going to Happen’

‘There’s no such thing as a national popular vote because there’s no such thing as a national election’

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ROTHMAN: “Because there’s no such thing as a national popular vote, because there’s no such thing as a national election. States hold elections. And what this would require is a constitutional amendment to get rid of it, to essentially alter the Constitution to allow there to be a national referendum. This is a pander because that’s not going to happen. There is not going to be a two thirds vote in both chambers. There’s not going to be 38 states ratifying this. There's not going to be small states essentially consenting to their own disenfranchisement. Because what — Elizabeth Warren’s suggestion here is that doing so would allow candidates to campaign in places that aren’t competitive like California and Texas, which, by the way, were swing states within living memory, and that they would go to places like Mississippi. They would not. They would essentially localize the election in much more concentrated, densely populated visits and candidates would be loathe to visit places like Iowa and New Hampshire which have very little population but a lot of significant value in Electoral College.”

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