Rep. Swalwell: As President, I’ll Spend ‘a Trillion Dollars’ to Cure Alzheimer’s

‘A trillion dollars tax cut that the president gave to the wealthiest Americans’


GEIST: “It sounds to most people like you’re leaning that way. You talked about Medicare-for-all. That’s been a big issue. Most of the candidates have gotten behind that idea. Do you support Medicare-for-all?”
SWALWELL: “I support coverage for all which would be a public option to drive down the pressure on the private insurers. But I hope we don’t miss the opportunity to do what I think we do best as a country: Find the unfindable, solve the unsolvable, and cure the incurable. I would take a trillion dollars over ten years, the trillion dollar tax cut that the President gave to the wealthiest Americans, a trillion dollars over ten years to invest in genomics, data therapies, data sharing, targeted therapies, so you can look at every ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's patient in the eye and say, 'We have given you the best shot in a lifetime to find a cure.'”

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