Meyers on Trump Getting Mad at an ‘SNL’ Rerun: You Watch it More than Lorne Michaels

‘Remember when Trump said he didn’t have time to watch TV because he’s too busy reading?’


MEYERS: “Remember when Trump said he didn’t have time to watch TV because he’s too busy reading? In case you forgot, he told reporters, and this is a real quote, “I don’t get to watch much television primarily because of documents. I’m reading documents a lot.” First of all, you watch plenty of television. You got mad at a rerun of “Snl” this weekend. A rerun. You watch more “Snl” than lorne Michaels and that’s not a joke. I have been next to lorne when a sketch starts bombing and that man straight-up leaves the room. Second, let’s make something clear, no one who actually reads documents ever says I’m too busy reading documents. That’s something a lawyer in a porno says in the first 30 seconds of a scene where you’re supposed to think, “Oh, maybe they’re not going to do it.”

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