CNN Panel Gets Heated over Trump’s Comments About Muslims: ‘I Know You’re Paid To Apologize for This Man’

‘Let’s be honest, this is a man who is tearing us apart’


MCENANY: "You talk about coming together. Look, we agree that that awful killer in New Zealand had hate in his eyes, but so, too, did the person perpetrating San Bernardino, and Pulse night club, in Nice, France."

EL-SAYED: "Why are we equivocating on this?"

MCENANY: "We have to condemn hatred wherever it is found — "

EL-SAYED: "Look, I know you’re paid to apologize for this man. I get it. But let’s be honest, this is man who is tearing us apart. Us versus them. Us versus them."

MCENANY: "You’re doing us versus them when you blame the President. Just like people blamed Chelsea Clinton. That doesn’t get us anywhere."

(Via Mediaite)

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