Tucker to Mark Steyn: If Chelsea Clinton Is Offensive, You and I Are in a Lot of Trouble

‘It is fantastic that Chelsea Clinton is being blamed for a mass murder’


CARLSON: “In New Zealand, and I understand that the country is traumatized, and I feel for the country, that goes without saying, but for punishing people leaving them there with no bail, you would think that somebody in the United States on the civil literary and left would say something about that. What does that tell you?”

STEYN: “I think that they are applauding it because it goes back to what you and Lisa were talking about earlier. I think identity politics presupposes an ever more powerful state to mediate relations between all of the different identity groups. And this is one of the things that we should be allowed to talk about. As we saw, I mean, it is actually hilarious. You laughed at the Chelsea Clinton clip. It is fantastic that Chelsea Clinton is being blamed for a mass murder in New Zealand for issuing what even by Chelsea's standards was one of the blandness to hand most insipid and anodyne statements. It tells you how serious the anti-free-speech left is now about steamrolling anyone who gets in their path.”


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