CNN Panel Rips Trump’s Remarks After New Zealand Terror Attack: ‘Disgusting, Inexcusable’

‘When they talk about nationalism they are talking about a nation as defined by blood and soil’


SANDERS: "I mean, look, I think when people hear the term white nationalist, for very real reasons, they tense up. Maybe Donald Trump doesn't think he's a white nationalist, but white supremacy and white nationalism is about ideology, and ideology, one of the main, core pieces of white nationalism is curbing nonwhite immigration. That’s one of the main policy priorities that white nationalists advocate for. Stopping the changing demographics, advocating for a white ethno-state. If some of this sounds familiar to people at home, these are things that Steven Miller who works for President Trump, who is in charge of putting together policies in this White House, he has exposed. So I believe Donald Trump is a white nationalist. i believ he has aligned himself with white supremacists ideology. For the very reason, given the policies that he is advocating for, he said, just in the remarks from Oval Office, that the invaders are coming, these criminals. That type of language is dangerous."

(Via Mediaite)

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