Chris Wallace: Trump Can’t Win in 2020 with His Base Alone

‘There’s just not enough votes in the base’


WALLACE: "You can’t do it, because there are just not enough votes in the base. It appears that from most of the polling that 35, 40 percent of eligible voters are what you would call ever Trumpers, solid red core Trump supporters. That’s not enough to win an election. So he's going to have to expand his base. And one of the things that a lot of political experts have been wondering about is — the President seems to have a lot of leeway with the base. As you pointed out at one point, one of his promises was Mexico is going to build the wall. That seems to have been largely dispensed with now and it doesn’t seems to have bothered his base as long as he keeps faith on the idea of building the wall. But even with that base, it’s not enough. You got to expand it to independents. You have to expand it to suburban Republicans, suburban women, persuadable Democrats. You look where he won in 2016, in the suburbs, in the so-called blue wall of upper Rust Belt states like Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. You can’t just do it with the base. You're going to have to expand. One of the things I think he’s counting on is that he’s either going to be able to portray or the Democrats in fact will nominate someone who is so far to the left, the president would say a socialist, that it’s going to make it easier for him. He doesn’t have to pivot as far to the center because he'll say the Democrats have moved so far to their extreme left."

(h/t Mediaite)

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